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    Hiring a new employee takes time, money and effort – and, that’s only getting them on board. By the time you train them, place them on the job and evaluate the outcome, you’re into the relationship big time.

    Some studies show that many companies will endure a poor hire much longer than necessary, simply to avoid the hassle of hiring a replacement. As if to say, “better the devil you know than the one you don’t.” Unfortunately, if allowed to linger, a poor hire can cost the company 2 to 3 times the annual salary in lost productivity and turnover.

    So, how do you avoid the mistake? Here are a few suggestions from Prodigy Placements, best practices we’ve observed over years as a professional placement agency:

    1. Write an accurate job description. It should be well thought-out and clearly written. It should describe the work associated with the job, the kind of person ideally suited to carry it out, and your expectations for success. Be thorough and honest. If you’re not good at this sort of thing, hire a professional. For a minimal cost, you’ll have a solid blueprint from which to begin an effective employee search.

    2. Interview effectively. We suggest conducting “layered” interviews. Involve human resources or a search firm to narrow the list of candidates. Include the direct supervisor, a co-worker familiar with the work, as well as the top decision-maker, if appropriate. Work with your recruiter to establish relevant questions. When the process is complete, discuss the pros and cons and make a decision quickly. Your candidate deserves the courtesy of a reply.

    3. Make an offer. If you’ve found the ideal candidate, even if it’s the first person interviewed, be prepared to make an offer. Over the past two years, employers have gotten aggressive in hiring, and candidates today are weighing multiple offers. Be fair, researching salaries for like positions, if necessary. Put your offer in writing and respond to any counter offers promptly. Be creative, including paid time off or performance bonuses.

    Finding, attracting and hiring the right person can make huge impact on the future of your business. For help throughout the process, don’t hesitate to ask Prodigy Placements.

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